Formed in 2013, ‘Heo Daeuk Trio” has been selected as an annual collab artist group with the LIG Cultural Foundation and started their first path full of various performances and colorful musical language that following year with piano solo, trio, and collab work with a string orchestra.

Ever since then, their new music, that has been recorded in 2016 as they performed as a trio in Europe and in Korea, is a narrative music that is a cultural combination of Eastern and Western worlds. 

Easy to picture, their music contains the characteristics of each instruments and Ensemble’s organic structure, the new sound and unique style of composition, and the teamwork of the trio established over the past four years resembling that of an orchestra. 

The inward direction they pursue sets cooperation and diversity as a motto, the musical completion each of them possesses with the freshness the trio provides in each performances will sing for everyone with their own music.