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Electronic Duo HEO

New Album Release
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HEO is a dream-pop / post-rock / electronica band from South Korea. As a guitarist and a producer, HEO release his first solo effort in 2009. He joined award-winning post-rock band 3rd Line Butterfly as a touring member for their official SXSW showcase in 2013.

He then moved away from his pop oriented style and released a 2nd full length album with a blend of post-rock and electronic music in February 2014. The single Luna was featured by the film Psychometry and its music video was picked as a Vimeo’s Staff Pick.

HEO won 2015 Korean Music Award for the Best Dance / Electronic album of the Year. HEO is officially invited to showcase at SXSW 2015 in Austin, Texas on March 20th at The Majestic.


Mono Sand Hill

Sleep Tight

2016  Ceremony Music

2015  Ceremony Music

So, finally the end.

It's the time to drive to desolation.   

I'll never look back.


No shade from the sun.

The air around me is like a haze of light.

Over the horizon, I'm heading for the sand hill. 

I'll never remember when I cried.


No life around here.

It makes me feel I'm the only one.

No matter what I see, I don't care what is real.

It's getting closer.

I'll keep my way.


On the hill, the fire in the sun

On bended knee, look at the red sky.

We gaze into each other's eyes.

I feel my sin is burning out.

It's nobody's fault.

Just like a dream, I don't wanna believe it.

So, close your eyes, but don't be scared.


I'll miss your last smile that'll take everything away.

So, mind your eyes.

We're losing time.


I'll follow you with all my heart.

I'm behind you in this lighttight world


You'll be in the dark.

Please sleep tight.

In spite of the dark.

Please sleep tight.



2014  Ceremony Music

"HEO magically blends dream pop

& shoe gazing sound in a language of electronica…"

Younha Kim, Music Critic, Korean Music Award Committee

01. Sound of A

02. Luna

03. Word of Silence

04. Good Day

05. Reckless

06. All the Things Are Passing By

07. Ride the Wave

08. Hard to Keep, Pt. 1

09. Hard to Keep, Pt. 2

10. Hard to Keep, Pt. 3

11. In Sight of Light

12. Hard to Keep (Long Version)

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