Alexis Coutureau - Contrabass




HEO trio “SHERPA” 2019

Festival, Shows
Annual participation in the Vague de Jazz festival

Performed with Claude Tchamitchian, Mederic Collignon, Helene Labarriere, Joelle Leandre,

Giovanni Mirabassi, etc.

Performed with Orsay Ensemble and Paris Ensemble Orchestra 

Participated at the Festival premiers acts in 2011& 2012 with an ensemble led by Gregoire letouvet 

Recipent of highest award at Jazz Festival, Conclave Tremplin Jazz a Vanne, as a member of  Gregoire letouvet 

Performed at La defense Jazz Festival, Vanne dans le jardin de limur

Performed at Theatre des abesse, Poitiers au carre bleu

Part of Heo Daeuk Trio since 2014

Performed in LIG Art Hall Seoul, Busan

Performed in Spain Cultural Center Heo Daeuk trio 2015

HEO Jarasum Int’l jazz festival Korea 10/2017

HEO trio Musiq3 Festival Belgium 01/07/2018

HEO trio ACC World Music Festival 08/2018

HEO trio National Musium of Korea 8/2018

HEO trio Festival internacional La Nao Acapulco 11/2018

HEO trio Festival Musica de Morelia 11/2018

HEO trio Centro national de las Artes Mexico 11/2018

HEO trio Concert release of Album SHERPA Paris Sunside 05/2019